Track 9

Track 9: Advances in Data Science

Chair: Latifa Oukhellou, UPE-IFSTTAR, France
• Yehia Taher, Université de Versailles/Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France
• Ahmad Alaiad, University of Science and Technology, Jordan

Based on the development of smart technologies and the advent of new observation capabilities, massive and heterogeneous datasets are collected in a variety of domains including transport, mobility, health care, air quality, energy, telecommunications….. Within such context, Data Science aims to address the underlying scientific challenges associated to the enhancement of these large datasets with the purpose to extract knowledge from data, build real time decision-making tools and create high value- added services for citizens. Many scientific challenges can be mentioned ranging from storage, preprocessing, mining, visualizing massive, heterogeneous and complex datasets. In that sense, Data Science includes different fields such as machine learning, statistics, optimization and visualization.

The purpose of this track is to bring together researchers who develop, investigate or apply data science approaches in the context of real-world applications.

Topics of interests include, but are not limited to
• Data mining and machine learning
• Search and data mining
• Frequent pattern mining
• Business Analytics
• Clustering, Forecasting from Big Data
• New visualization techniques
• Big Data Analytics
• Big Data algorithms
• Big data technologies
• Optimization and Big Data
• Data Mining Tools and Softwares

The main application areas concerned by this track include but are not limited to
• Intelligent Transport Systems and Mobility analysis (public transportation, sharing mobility systems, traffic analysis, autonomous vehicles…)
• Logistics
• Urban planning/Land use
• Energy management and smart grids
• Smart environment and resource management (water, air quality, waste management)
• Smart urban health care
• Telecommunications

PC Members
• Mostepha Redouane Khouadjia, IRT systemX, France
• Ferhat Attal, UPEC, France
• Allou Samé IFSTTAR, France
• Abderrahmane Boubezoul, IFSTTAR, France
• Mohamed-Khalil El Marhrsi, RATP, France
• Florian Toqué, IFSTTAR, France
• Anne-Sarah Briand, IFSTTAR, France
• Mohamed-Haykel Zayani, IRT SystemX, France
• Etienne Côme, IFSTTAR, France
• Mohamed Cherif Rahal, VeDeCom, France