Tracks and Subtopics

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Research Track

Main Chair


Track 1: Advances in Knowledge Engineering

Haifa Zargayouna

University of Paris 13, France

Track 2: Advances in Artificial Intelligence

Aline Paes

Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil

Track 3: Advances in Linguistics

Ali Jaoua

Qatar University, Qatar

Tracks 4 & 5: Advances in Sensors and Networks

Khalil Drira

CNRS, France

Track 6: Advances in Databases, Information Systems and Security

Mohamed Alsmirat

University of Science and technology, Jordan

Track 7: Advances in Image processing and Computer Vision

Nadjia Benblidia

University of Blida, Algeria

Track 8: Advances in Computing

Khouloud Boukadi

University of Sfax, Tunisia

Track 9: Advances in Data Science

Latifa Oukhellou


Track 10: Advances in Software Engineering

Leonardo Murta

Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil