PhD Forum

16th ACS/IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications AICCSA 2019
November 03 to November 07, 2019
Ph.D. Forum - Call for Applications

AICCSA is a forum for researchers and practitioners to present and discuss recent advances in the field of computer systems and their applications. The AICCSA conference is an excellent venue and a great opportunity for graduate students to share the results of their work with the community and interact informally with faculty and researchers during the conference. In this spirit, AICCSA 2018 will host a doctoral forum as a concurrent track during the conference. The forum will provide a venue for PhD students to present their research, receive individual feedback regarding their research project and career mentoring from a team of faculty and industry mentors. The co-chairs of the doctoral forum will provide a forum for PhD students interested in academia to learn about their experience about applying and interviewing for faculty positions. A panel will be organized for the graduate students on how to prepare themselves for future career covering the topics of presentation skills, job interviews, and constructing research statements.

The Ph.D. Forum committee will select Ph.D. students for participation. Among those selected, 8-10 students will be chosen by the committee to receive travel support to cover the registration, air travel and lodging costs. This support is made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

The forum activities will include Research Talk, Poster Presentation, and Career Mentoring. During the forum, each student will have an opportunity to give a presentation on their research as well as their future work. Attendees to the doctoral forum will also be given the opportunity to present a poster at the main conference poster session. At the poster session and reception, faculty/researcher mentors will visit the Ph.D. student posters and engage in discussion and networking. We will have a special session devoted to career mentoring for the students in attendance. The AICCSA organization committee understands the diversity in the background of the PhD students that attend the conference, while some will go into industry there will be those who go into academia. Therefore, the career mentoring session will allow students to listen and interact with experts in both areas. Prior to attending the conference, the PhD students will be asked to send 1-3 questions related to career development or relevant research topics. A question and answer forum will be held to address and discuss these questions as well as any other questions a PhD student attending the conference may have. Furthermore, we will invite faculty and industry members to the Doctoral Forum’s poster session to allow a face-to-face discussion with leading experts in the field of computing systems research.

While travel funds will be used to support graduate students from any US university, we will particularly pay attention to the selection of participants to include opportunities for the participation of under-represented groups such as women, minorities, and persons with disabilities. We will also give high priority to students who will be participating in the AICCSA conference for the first time. For further information, please see the AICCSA 2018 webpage.