Thao Nguyen

From research to development – product definition in eHealth
Keynote abstract for the proceedings:
In any eHealth project the definition of the product is the first step to a concrete solution that in the end shall serve patients and care givers. In the project step of product definition concept, ideas and research findings are brought together to design a product for a development project.
In the context of eHealth products specific aspects need to be taken into account during product definition in order to start the journey to a successful product launch. On one side design aspects such as compliance, security and patent-centricity are determining factors for success in product definition. On the other side process consideration such as agile development, future business model and global operations of the solution determine the activities to build a clear joint vision of the future solution as stable basis of a development project.
The keynote gives a short overview of current and future research approaches and their application in innovative eHealth projects.
CV/bio of Mrs. Thao Nguyen
Thao is a Manager with +9 year experience in life science and health services roles. She is expert for quality management and product definition in the software development process of medical devices. She is part of the Life Sciences & Digital Health Practice and is based in Accenture’s Zurich office.
Thao has worked with large brands in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, where she has helped these companies to successfully launch new digital devices and lab solutions.
Her professional experience covers various areas in the product development of medical technology from product definition and design, documentation and audit support . She led multiple times the ideation and design of medical devices and was responsible to define products optimized to impact on multiple business areas. Through her work with non-profit organizations Thao has developed deep knowledge about the impact that IT has on operations in the health services sector.