Track 1

Track 1: IR, Big Data, Business Intelligence 

Track Co-Chairs

• Khalid Belhajjame, University Paris-Dauphine, France
• Haytham ELGHAZEL, Polytech Lyon, France
• Fadila Bentayeb, Université Lyon 2, France
• Rim Faiz , University of Carthage, Tunisia

Short description
Over the past 20 years, data has increased in a large scale in various fields. Hundreds of Petabyte are generated every day by industries, Internet companies, medias and social networks. This explosive increase of big masses of structured and unstructured data need more real-time analysis which challenges the existing traditional analytic tools. The exponential growth of organizations’ needs for data analysis for Business Intelligence purposes requires more sophisticate tools. However, it impossible to perform any kind of exploratory or analysis on this Big amount of data by using desktop or non-parallel tools. Hence, the needs for developing of new technologies, methods and algorithms for Big data generation, acquisition, storage and analysis.
This track provides a forum for researchers, practitioners, developers, and users to explore and share the latest results, approaches, techniques, concepts, and technologies in Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Data Analytics.

• Foundational Models for Big Data
• Computational Modeling for Big Data
• Algorithms and Programming Techniques for Big Data Processing
• Big Data Analytics and Metrics
• Decision making in social and mobile network Big Data
• Large-scale Recommendation and Social Media Systems
• Privacy Preserving Big Data Analytics
• Anomaly Detection in Very Large Scale Systems
• Collaborative Threat Detection using Big Data Analytics
• Algorithms and Systems for Big Data Search
• Distributed, and Peer-to-peer Search
• Machine learning based on Big Data
• Visualization Analytics for Big Data
• Big Data Economics
• Real-life Case Studies of Value Creation through Big Data Analytics
• Scientific Applications of Big Data
• Information Retrieval models
• Text representation, Query models, Query Languages, Query Processing
• Novel IR Interfaces (Exploratory, Interactive, Accessible)
• Semantic search (entity-based IR, Linked data)
• Collaborative, Crowd-Based, and Game-Based Approaches to IR
• Context-based IR (mobile search, Click Models, Interaction Models)
• Personalization, Recommendation, Advertising, and Search
• Aggregation (Summarization, Clustering, Integration), Classification
• Information Extraction and Filtering
• Social Media and Social Networks (analysis, management, search)
• Spatial, Temporal, and Graph Data (analysis, management, search)
• Time-Sensitive and Real-time Search
• Applications (in Business and science)

PC members
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