Track 9

Track 9: Social and Mobile Computing

Track Chairs

• Hicham Elmongui, Alexandria University, Egypt
• Rabeb Mizouni, Khalifa University, UAE
• Lotfi Ben Romdhane, Université de Sousse, Tunisia

Various social computing applications such as social networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.), blogs, email, instant messaging, wikis, and social bookmarking have been widely popularized by providing digital platforms for social interaction. These applications profoundly changed social behaviors and digital life styles of human. However, various critical issues such as analysis, mining, trust, privacy, social cognition, social intelligence and mobile social computing still provide significant challenges.

Social Computing track seeks original and high quality papers related to:
• Social and crowd computing.
• Social network analysis and mining.
• Social media infrastructure and cloud computing.
• Social cognition and social intelligence.
• Social media analytics.
• Social system design and architectures.
• Mobile social computing.
• Text mining and sentiment analysis
• Social network and machine learning
• Social data management
• Social network and Pervasive computing
• Social network and emotion/opinion recognition
• Methodologies and tools.

PC Members
• Imad Afyouni, Naval Academy Research Institute
• Esma Aimeur, University of Monteral
• Sherin Aly, Virginia Tech
• Mehdi Azaouzi, University of Monastir, Tunisia
• Abdelghani Benharref, Ecole de Technologie Superieure Montreal, QC Canada
• Jamal Bentahar, Concordia University
• Mai Elshehaly, Virginia Tech
• Mohamed Farag, Arab Academy for Science and Technology
• Youssef Gamha, ISITCom, University of Sousse, Tunisia
• Zahia Guessoum, LIP6, Université de Paris 6
• Sally Hamouda, Cairo University
• Hoda Hassan, Arab Academy of Science and Technology
• Wafa Karoui, Tunis el Manar University
• Shaymaa Khater, Virginia Tech
• Hamamache Kheddouci, Universit Claude Bernard Lyon1
• Hadi Otrok, Khalifa University
• Muhammad Younas, Oxford Brookes University
• Bassant Youssef, Virginia tech
• Brahmi Zaki, RIADI-Lab Tunisia
• Hedia Zardi, ISIMA; University of Monastir, Tunisia
• Lotfi Ben Romdhane, MARS Research Lab, University of Sousse, Tunisia
• Hicham Elmongui, Alexandria University
• Rabeb Mizouni, Khalifa University