The Second International Workshop on Computational Intelligence and Big Data for Scientific and Technological Resources and Services (STRS’2021)

There has been an explosive growth of a wide variety of scientific and technological resources in both research communities and industry sectors. The former includes experimental/simulation datasets, intellectual products such as publications and patents, etc. and the latter includes transaction records, business models, processes, and workflows, etc. Such resources have not been extensively explored and utilized by end users mainly because: i) they are widely distributed at various geographical locations such as laboratories, universities, companies, etc. and are typically isolated from each other, ii) there is a lack of suitable models, mechanisms, and protocols for their sharing, reuse, exchange, and distribution, and iii) their support for the real economy requires intelligent aggregation and information retrieval of big data from disparate sources, which are complex and challenging. The rapid advance in high-performance computing and the pervasive use of machine learning and data mining have made it now possible to process and analyze large volumes of high-dimensional, multimodal, heterogeneous, and structured/ unstructured data. As a result, the above situation is also being revolutionized by the power of computational intelligence and big data in the area of scientific and technological services. Particularly, many data-driven techniques and service models have been proposed or are under active development for cross-platform resource integration, demand prediction, product recommendation, coordinated search, intelligent matching, operation optimization, etc. to improve business performance and research productivity based on scientific and technological resources. The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for an interactive dialog between researchers in scientific domains and technologists and practitioners in industry to discuss, promote, and demonstrate how recent developments of artificial intelligence and big data technologies can be used to integrate and explore various scientific and technological resources to improve business intelligence and accelerate scientific innovation. It is envisioned that the combination of big data with a large collection of computational intelligence algorithms will reach the level of true intelligence in the aggregation, sharing, and utilization of scientific and technological resources to serve the real economy. We welcome original research articles in all aspects of computational intelligence and big data towards the development of scientific and technological services and the support for complex ecosystems of distributed resources.

The topics of the workshop include but not limited to:
• AI-assisted resource aggregation and integration
• Intelligent discovery of scientific and technological resources
• Models and protocols for sharing and reuse of scientific and technological resources
• Big data analysis of distributed scientific and technological resources
• Complex giant systems of distributed resources
• Pattern recognition for scientific and technological resources
• Data-driven technology for scientific and technological resources
• Language inference technology for scientific and technological resources
• Collaborative analysis and mining of multi-core value chains
• Precise search
• Intelligent matching
• Intelligent transactions
• Intelligent service technology
• Evaluation optimization technology
• On-demand customization for regional scientific and technological resources
• Intelligent services of regional scientific and technological resources
• Intelligent learning and mining of regional service value chains
• Cloud platform support for scientific and technological resources
• Wireless networks
• 6G networks
• Neuro networks
• Smart homes
• IoT

Workshop Co-Chairs
• Aiqin Hou, Northwest University, China,
• Zhanmao Cao, South China Normal University, China.

Important Dates:
• Submission deadline: August 1, 2021
• Notification of acceptance: August 15, 2021
• Camera-ready papers due: August 25, 2021
• Registration deadline: September 4, 2021

Submission system

PC members
- Yingpeng Sang, Sun Yat-Sen UNIVERSITY
- Jun Guo, Northwest University
- Chase Wu, New Jersey Institute of Technology
- Aiguo Wang, Foshan University
- Li Liu, Chongqing University
- Weiping Liu, South-Central Minzu University
- Weizhi Liao, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
- Yangjian Ji, Zhejiang University
- Yanchao Yin, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming, Yunnan 650500, China
- Aiqin Hou, Northwest University
- Xinjian Gu, Zhejiang University
- Weike Nie, Northwest University
- Fei Qiao, Tsinghua University
- Xiaoyan Yin, Northwest University
- Shiyong Yang, Xidian University
- Xinzheng Niu, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
- Na Fan, Chang’an University
- Lina Ni,Shandong University of Science and Technology,China
-Qiang Duan, Penn State University
- Daqing Yun, Harrisburg University
- Dingding Li, South China Normal University
- Yi Gu, Middle Tennessee State University
- Yongqiang Wang, Northwest University
- Liming Peng, South China Agricultural University
- Mingxin He, Jinan University
- Xingguo Chen, South China University of Technology
- Zhanmao Cao, South China Normal University