Track 1

Track 1: Information Retrieval, Big Data, Databases and Knowledge Systems

Track Chairs:
• Hajji HICHAM, SGIT, IAV- Rabat, Morocco
• Jesus Tomas, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain

Big volumes of data have been produced in all areas of expertise, and the ability to properly manage them can determine the success of any initiative. Research works in Databases (DB) and Information Systems (IS) address challenges involved in all stages of the information life-cycle, from physical storage to conceptual models. Additionally, they foster innovative application of techniques and algorithms to solve information and data management problems in the real world. The purpose of this track is to bring together researchers who develop, investigate, or apply database or information systems techniques in the context of real-world applications.
We welcome both research papers and system and application papers. Research papers describe innovative research on all aspects of database and information systems, from theoretical foundations work to novel models and algorithms. System and application papers describe applied work addressing real-world problems and systems. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Big Data and Database Topics
• Ontologies and Data Semantics
• Conceptual Data Modeling
• Business Intelligence & Analytics
• Data Visualization & Exploration
• Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery from Databases
• Data Science Applications
• Knowledge Graphs, Semantic Web and Linked Data
• Digital Libraries and Applications
• Document Management and Classification
• Query Languages and Processing
• Heterogeneous, Mobile and Sensor Databases
• Information Integration and Interoperability
• Information Retrieval in Multidimensional and Temporal Databases
• NoSQL Databases
• Big Data Management
• Data Management in Clouds
• Data on the Web
• Peer to peer, Parallel and Distributed Databases
• Parallel and Distributed Data Management
• Performance Evaluation and Benchmark
• Scientific and Statistical Databases
• Self-managed and Autonomic Databases
• Semi-structured Data
• Multimedia Databases
• Spatial Databases and Geographical Information Systems
• Stream Processing
• Workflow Applications and Databases
• Data Annotation and Provenance
• Access Methods, Indexing and New Hardware Devices
• Active Databases
• Authorization, Privacy and Security in Databases
• Collecting, Extracting and Indexing Web Data
• Concurrency Control and Recovery in Databases

Information and Knowledge Systems topics
• Digital Innovation
• Enterprise Architecture
• Information Architecture
• Systems of Information Systems
• Business Process Management
• Knowledge-intensive Processes
• Knowledge and Organizational management
• Intelligent Information Systems
• Decision Support Systems
• Social media in business and society
• Operational research and decision models in business
• Methodologies and approaches for IS engineering
• Service-Oriented Architecture and Web Services
• Mobile, ubiquitous computing and Internet of things in IS
• Socio-technical view of Information Systems
• Human and social aspects in IS
• Human-Computer Interaction in IS
• Management of people in IS
• Business and IT Governance
• E-Government
• Strategic planning of systems and IT
• Preservation of information and digital memory
• Information Systems Quality
• Information Systems Security and Privacy