Track 4

Track 4: Advances in Software Engineering

Track Chairs:
- Mostafa Ezziyyani, Abdelmalek Essaâdi Uniuversity, Morrocco
- Bharat Bhushan, School of Engineering and Technology, Sharda University, Greater Noida, India

Software engineering is a discipline that concerns the multiple aspects of software production, including its specification, design, implementation, testing and maintenance. The goal of Software Engineering is to develop and evolve software systems that behave reliably and efficiently while meeting the requirements from customers. Research in Software Engineering concerns the proposal of theories, processes, concepts, languages, and tools that facilitate software engineers in achieving the goals mentioned above. Thus, the Software Engineering track solicits original papers in the following non-exhaustive list of topics.

- Cloud computing, microservices, and containerization management and deployment
- Continuous integration and delivery
- DevOps
- Distributed and collaborative software engineering
- Economic aspects of software engineering
- Empirical software engineering
- Green Software Engineering
- Human aspects of software engineering
- Industrial applications of software engineering
- IoT application development
- Mining software repositories
- Mobile applications development
- Model-driven software development
- Modeling and design
- Ontologies for Software Engineering
- Program analysis, debugging, fault localization, and repair
- Programming languages
- Project management
- Quality and quality models
- Requirements engineering
- Reuse, product lines, and modularity
- Software architecture
- Software development processes and methodologies
- Software ecosystems
- Software engineering education and training
- Software engineering for self-adaptive systems
- Software engineering philosophies, practices, and tools
- Software maintenance and evolution
- Software metrics
- Theoretical foundations and formal methods
- Verification, validation, and testing
- Virtual and augmented reality software development