Track 6

Track 6:  Advances in AI, Agent Systems and Ambient Intelligence

Track 6 Chairs:

•  Dr. Nadia Kabachi: University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France)
•  Dr. Mahdi Zargayouna: University Paris-Est, IFSTTAR (France)
•  Dr. Machkour Mustapha: Faculté des Sciences Agadir (Morocco)

The constant evolution of information and communications technologies, the growing digitalization of the society and the evolution of users customs and habits require new kinds of systems. The success of these systems will depend of their ability to be interconnected and to offer services to their users everywhere and every time, and to adapt themselves to the changes in ambient environments.
The aim of this track is to address three complementary research areas that are concerned with this new generation of systems: Artificial Intelligence, Multi-Agents Systems and Ambient Intelligence.

The Track welcomes submissions related to the practical and theoretical issues related to developing and deploying such systems. The main topics include (but are not limited to):
•  AI theories and applications
•  Modeling and Simulation of Intelligent Systems
•  Multi-agent Systems: design and specification, programming, verification, …
•  Ambient systems: modelling, specification, context awareness
•  Ambient systems and mobile agent technology
•  Ambient Intelligence and Web Services
•  Self-* principles in modeling pervasive and ambient systems
•  Bio (Naturo)-inspired approaches
•  Learning, adaptation and evolution in ambient systems

PC members
Prof. Abdelkader Adla - University of Oran (Algeria)
Dr. Piotr Artiemjew - University of Warmia and Mazuria (Poland)
Dr. Fabien Badeig - INRIA (France)
Prof. Hassan Badir - ENSA Tangier (Morocco)
Prof. Flavien Balbo - Mines Saint-Etienne (France)
Dr. Dariusz Barbucha, Gdynia Maritime University (Poland)
Dr. Nadjia Benblidia - University of Blida (Algeria)
Prof. Azedine Boulmakoul - FST Mohammedia (Morocco)
Prof. Tristan Cazenave - University of Paris Dauphine (France)
Prof. Paolo Crippa - Università Politecnica delle Marche (Italy)
Prof. Ali Ghorbani, University of New Brunswick (Canada)
Prof. Marie-Pierre Gleizes - University Paul Sabatier Toulouse (France)
Prof. Zahia Guessoum - University of Reims (France)
Prof. Salima Hassas, University Claude Bernard-Lyon 1 (France)
Prof. Okba Kazar, University of Biskra (Algeria)
Dr. Lyes Khoukhi, University of Technology of Troyes (France)
Dr. Feirouz Ksontini, SYSTEMX (France)
Dr. Tarek Melliti - University of Evry (France)
Prof. Fabien Michel, University of Montpellier (France)
Prof. Omer Rana - Cardiff University (UK)
Dr. Julien Saunier - INSA Rouen (France)
Prof. Olivier Simonin, INSA Lyon (France)
Prof. Danny Weyns, Linnaeus University (Sweden)
Dr. Besma Zeddini, EISTI (France)