Track 7

Track 7: Advances Networking and Sensor Networks.

Track 7 Chair:

•    Yacine Challal, Ecole nationale Supérieure d'Informatique, Algeria
•    Abdellah Boulouz, Faculté des Sciences, Morocco
•    Moustafa Youssef, Alexandria University, Egypt
•    Abdelhakim Hafid, University of Montreal, Canada

Rapid advances in ICT coupled to the development of new emergent tiny embedded systems based on electro-mechanical communicating objects with sensing, storage, and computation capacities, require the development of efficient architectures and innovative solutions to overcome new digital society challenges including interaction of heterogeneous systems, big data, energy, mobility and localization, among others.
This track is intended to be an excellent forum where both academia and industry experts from different communities (Networking, Distributed Computing, Emergent smart systems, etc) will discuss recent advances in the broad and quickly-evolving fields of communication networks, and to highlight key issues and develop visions for networks of the future comprising sensors, actuators, mobile systems, and communicating objects.

The track solicits original papers in the following, but non exhaustive, topics:
•    Data gathering and scheduling in WSN
•    Internet of Things architectures and protocols
•    Controlled mobility and QoS
•    Energy optimization techniques in WSAN
•    Networks convergence architectures
•    Information Centric networks
•    Wireless testbeds and architectures
•    Cognitive radio networks
•    Software defined networks
•    Sensor networks protocols
•    Sensor-less sensing
•    Device-free localization and its applications- E- and m-health
•    Localization and tracking technologies
•    Crowd-sensing systems

PC members
•    Mustafa Elnainay, Vtmena Alexandria, Egypt
•    Mawloud Omar, ReSyD, University of Bejaia, Algeria
•    Basem Shihada, KAUST, Saudi Arabia
•    Dr. Hamada Alshaer, University of Edinburgh, UK
•    Abdelmalik Bachir, Biskra University, Algeria
•    Noureddine Lasla, CERIST, Algeria
•    Fatima Zohra Benhamida, ESI, Algeria
•    Imed Romdhani, Edinburgh Napier University, UK
•    Enrico Natalizio, Universitè de Technologie de Compiègne, France
•    Fakhri Youssef, Faculty of Sciences,University Ibn Tofaïl, Morocco
•    Issam Jabri, Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Gabès, Tunisia
•    Chakib Bekara, Fraunhofer FOKUS, germany
•    Ahmed Lounis, Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France
•    Mothanna Alkubeily, Tishreen University, Syria
•    Zied Chtourou, cmerp, Tunisia
•    Abdellah Massaq, Facukty of science agadir, Morocco
•    Abdelouahid Derhab, Department of Computer Engineering, CERIST, Algeria
•    Jamali Abdellah, ESTB, Hassan 1st University, Morocco
•    Mohamed Abid, ENIG, Tunisia