Track 10

Track 10:  Advances in Web Technologies, Semantics and Future Internet (FI)

Track Chairs:
•    Brahim Medjahed:  University of Michigan, USA
•    Mahmoud Nassar: ENSIAS-UMV-Rabat, Morocco
•    IDBRAIM Soufiane: Faculté des Sciences Agadir, Morocco

The proliferation of online services and applications has radically changed the ways of interacting, living and socializing. It has steered the Internet advancement into directions, which were not initially anticipated. While building the Future Internet (FI), several emerging issues and challenges have to be considered. This Track deals with advances in web and mobile technologies, the semantics as well as the challenges raised by the evolving Web.  Authors are solicited to submit complete unpublished papers in the following, but not limited to:

Context-Aware FI services
Interoperability and integration of heterogeneous, autonomous systems
Evolution and engineering techniques for ontology
Semantic information systems engineering
Innovative middleware approaches
Frameworks and Methodologies for FI services building
Semantic web, ontology, markup, RDF
Security, privacy and trust
Novel mobile and web concepts
FI based Smart Systems
Internet of Things (IoT)
FI Semantics and Social Concepts
FI architecture and design
Mobile and web architectures and frameworks
QoS of FI services
FI Governance and Policies
Big Data and cloud computing in the FI Era
FI protocols

PC Members:

Youcef Aklouf, USTHB University, Algeria
Karim Baina, ENSIAS- UMV- Rabat, Morocco
Mahmoud Barhamgi, Claude Bernard University, France
Bernard Coulette, IRIT-Toulouse, France
Bouchra El Asri, ENSIAS- UMV- Rabat, Morocco
Sophie Ebersold, IRIT-Toulouse, France
Hatim Hafiddi, INPT- Rabat, Morocco
Marouane Kessentini, University of Michigan – Dearborn, USA
Xumin Liu, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Latifa Mahdaoui, USTHB University, Algeria
Zaki Malik, Wayne State University, USA
Mohamed Mkaouer, University of Michigan – Dearborn, USA
Yu Qi, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Bouchaib Bounabat,ENSIAS- UMV- Rabat, Morocco
Adil Anwar, EMI- UMV- Rabat, Morocco
Imade Benelallam, INSEA- Rabat, Morocco
Mélanie COURTINE, University of Paris 13