Track 11

Track 11: Natural Language Processing and Applications / Advances in Linguistics

Track Chair:
Ali Jaoua, Qatar University, Qatar

Research about linguistics has a direct impact on modern computing, system interfacing and cognitive science. As very related to hidden human thinking complexity, natural language processing progress is requiring more advanced machine learning algorithms and a variety of improved engineering tools. With the increasing number of applications and the size of exchanged texts, algorithms for natural language processing should become more efficient.
Authors for NLP/Advances in linguistics track should submit original research papers including but not limited to the following topics:

• Natural language processing,
• Natural language applications,
• Dialog and interactive systems,
• Restructuring and browsing in big documents,
• Automatic big text summary generation,
• Extracting information from texts,
• Discourse and pragmatics,
• Machine Translation, Phonology,
• Morphology and word segmentation”,
• Question Answering,
• Applications, Semantics,
• Sentiment Analysis, Speech,
• Tagging, chunking, syntax and parsing,
• Linguistics applications,
• Link between cognitive science and natural language.

PC members
- Ali Jaoua, Qatar University
- Maher Jaoua, MIRACL Laboratory
- Muder Almiani, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University
- Ahmet Arslan, Anadolu University
- Heider Wahsheh, King Faisal University
- Taha Zerrouki, ESI
- Bilel Elayeb, RIADI Research Laboratory
- Ali Jaoua, Qatar University
- Sadok Ben Yahia, Faculty of Sciences, Tunis
- Ahmed Rafea, American University in Cairo
- Meshrif Alruily, Aljouf University
- İbrahim Bahattin Vidinli, ICT Company
- Dena Al-Thani, Hamad Bin Khalifa University
- Somaya Al-Maadeed, Qatar University
- Khedija Arour, INSAT
- Javier Espinosa, University of Lyon 3
- Mohamed Gammoudi, ISAMM, University of Manouba
- Mondher Maddouri, Unité de Recherche en Programmation, Algorithmique et Heuristiques - URPAH, Faculté des Sciences de Gafsa, Tunisie
- Nasredine Semmar, CEA
- Boutheina Smine, LaLIC- University Paris-Sorbonne